On my Palm Treo 680 with Notes 1.3.2 on Palm OS 5.2H, I have a document that causes a crash reboot when the Notes application opens it. I reproduced the problem every time, in various system states, with or without a GSM session active. I could not obtain the same behavior with any other document. the document in question is small (about 25 lines) and contains only low ASCII and tabs – a sort of tab separated data table. The crash behavior started after I added a line on top of the file. A two-way hotsync made the problem disappear with no loss of data.

I am yet unable to imagine a probable cause for the whole thing, but I find very worrying that the content of a text file can cause a Palm to misbehave in such a way. And no, I can’t show you the document – or then I would have to kill you.