“When I started skating I pronated terribly, all I did was chase the fastest skaters and tried to keep up at all costs even if this meant pronating for miles. This is the incorrect way to start speed skating”.

When I read that last year, I recognized myself and realized what was wrong with my skating… And luck has it that the author of this statement follows though with a complete step by step method to introduce beginners to speed skating.

One year later I am nowhere near mastering even a quarter of what is explained there, but I can already attest that even that quarter will definitely change your skating and pull you from eternal stagnation.

Just focusing on working the outside edges is a radical departure. It is something I still have to think about and it will still be a long time until it becomes automatic, but the rare times when I am doing this correctly I can feel that I am more efficient and that working on it is the way forward toward better skating.

The method is very well presented with plenty of detailed small video loops and a great progressive approach to make sure that everyone can scale that learning curve. So don’t delay – take a look at it, try the exercises and come back often, it’ll pay !