So long CIPDTF ! For three years I have offered the CIPDTF free anonymous hosting in the name of the freedom of speech. There have been fun moments and wild ones – it has been quite an experience working with such an unusual partner. I deplore that the CIPDTF has chronically adopted an attitude of prickly ignorance of many of the conditions we set for our collaboration. Compartimentalization of activities, operational security and demarcation of responsibilities have all remained appalling in spite of my insistent advice. Six weeks ago after many warnings I set a deadline for some improvements, and that deadline has consequently been arrogantly dismissed. Time is up, I am fed up and I believe it is time to move on. So good bye and good luck with another host (and good luck for finding one as patient as me). And to those who believe that the CIPDTF has been vindicated, think again : the CIPDTF really is as crazy as its prose suggests and I would be surprised if it did not resurface somewhere else.