My quick and easy tool for renaming files straight from camera in a way that will make sense in most contexts is now even better.

Changelog :

  • Field order has been changed in order to fit even more situations
  • The script now tolerates upper and lower case file name extensions
  • Prefix can be personalized : your initials probaly make more sense than “IMG”
  • Extension case set is now set according to user configuration

Example :

“my current directory/img_6051.jpg” taken the 2nd of December 2005 at 9:07:59 AM (according to the embedded EXIF metadata)

becomes :

“my current directory/20051202.090759.JML.6051.my_current_directory.jpg”

Set your personal parameters in five seconds, and call just one simple command with no arguments for the whole directory. How easier can it get ?

See it, download it !