A few weeks ago I established a SSH session from my Treo with Pssh through Orange France‘s GPRS network ! SSH on Orange France‘s GPRS network used to be stupidly forbidden for no apparent reason, neither technical nor commercial, but someone apparently wised up.

Mobile SSH is just grand ! A few years ago with a laptop I used 9600 bps CSD from an Erisson SH888 accross an IrCOMM infrared link. But the burden of a laptop is gone and SSH is now truly available on the go.

As far as I have searched, Pssh is the only free and functionnal SSH client on the Palm Platform. For command line work the Treo‘s keyboard comes very handy. And Pssh has a few workarounds to deal with the differences between the Treo‘s keyboard and the standard PC keyboard that most command line software normally expects.

Pssh‘s inability to go to the background without losing its connection is annoying. But apart from that it does the job just fine by giving me mobile access to the wonderful world of the Unix command line – and that means that I can now potentially do almost anything anywhere. Isn’t that sweet ?