I’m feeling in a party mood this week-end so here are my favorite ways of mixing rum, irish cream and coffee liqueur…

  • Snowplow – irish cream, coconut rum, cocoa cream in creamy hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon. Sweet ! Metromelt is the same with rum added.
  • Fuzzy duck – irish cream, coconut rum and and brandy. Does he ? Rather strong stuff – More orgasms is about the same but vodka replaces the brandy.
  • O & cream – rum and Irish cream. Maybe a bit strong.
  • Mudslide – irish cream and coffee liqueur. Perfect balance.
  • Chocolate buzz is a Mudslide tamed by the addition of chocolate milk. Hey bitch come here is its sophisticated cousin.

To conclude this list let me introduce to the world my own contribution to the advancement of the ethylic art… Cupid’s blowjob ! Mix 55% banana nectar, 25% irish cream and 20% coconut rum in an old fashioned glass and serve chilled. Raise your glass to the hardy researchers who brought you this sweet recipe !