Coldforged mentioned that Lilina “silently failed on several malformed feeds“. Coldforged adds “that wouldn’t be so bad if it survived such indignities but it didn’t. Instead my entire aggregation page would simply not load and the only notice I ever got that something was awry was the PHP error_log in the aggregator directory“. I’ll look out for such behavior, but so far I have had no problems with the few feeds I am using.

Were I looking for something with more features than Lilina I would probably turn to Gregarius with the Lilina theme because I like Lilina’s way so much. And the RSS View” plugin apparently provides the outgoing something like the aggregated RSS feed that I implemented in Lilina by splicing Feedcreator in.

But for now I’ll stick with Lilina because it is extremely easy to use. The lack of need for a database makes deployment as simple as copying files, setting permissions (the archive of the patched Lilina I provide now features a script to do it for you) and editing a couple of lines in a configuration file. That is hard to beat.