A month ago I published lbdb-fetchalladdresses-firsttime.sh and lbdb-fetchalladdresses-daily.sh, two scripts that scour a maildir hierarchy to records all addresses from the headers in the lbdb m_inmail database in order to feed whole maildirs to LBDB for Mutt’s address completion.

A month of running these scripts has revealed a few problems wich are now corrected with a speed optimization thrown in for good measure :

As I mentioned earlier, if you do not have an existing lbdb database, you should run lbdb-fetchalladdresses-firsttime.sh first. Once you have done that you can from time to time update your database with lbdb-fetchalladdresses-daily.sh who does the same thing as lbdb-fetchalladdresses-firsttime.sh but only for messages not older than a certain user-set age.