You may have noticed that I have added a to the Jabber presence indicator on my personal web page. It is provided by Edgar, a sophisticated Web Jabber presence indicator based on class.jabber.php. To use the Edgar service, all you need is an image tag such as :

Edgar displays status fast because it splits processing in two independant parts sharing a database :

  • edgar.php is a command line script that collects presence data into the database.
  • status.php reads the database and displays presence on an HTML page.

Edgar is licensed under the GPL so you can download it and set it up on your own host.

I like Edgar and I will certainly study it as an exemple of a non-trivial implementation of class.jabber.php. But I shall continue to use my pathetic Web Jabber presence indicator based on one of the examples provided with class.jabber.php because Edgar does not yet display ressources whereas the script I use does.