Total Annihilation introduced unparalleled innovation and ambition for its time. I consider it the greatest real-time strategy game I ever played – and I played many. Its legacy still endures ten years later through a robust community of gamers and modders : ever since the demise of the company that created it, Total Annihilation has been enhanced, extended and corrected by its users. My favorite modification is Uberhack : in my opinion Uberhack is the most robust, most complete and best balanced incarnation of the game.

Total Annihilation have kept alive the dream of a game deep enough for hardcore gamers while retaining a strong appeal to the casual crowd. It seems that this baby is in the process of being developped by Gas Powered Games and expected for 2007. It is named Supreme Commander.

Gamespy has a few articles, interviews and screenshots about SupCom. It is a good place to get yourself acquainted to the beast. The Supreme Commander official forums have a nice sticky thread gathering the known public facts. Once you have read all that you can come and join us at the Supreme Commander official forums : 20k posts in six months for a strategy game that will not be out for at least eighteen months is very impressive. If the product holds up to its promises it will surely have a massively commited community of gamers and modders behind it.

My bet is that it is going to be even better than all that it is hyped to be. See you in 18 months !