The Treo 650 is the synthesis of all that I tried to achieve ever since I first connected my Palm Pilot 1000 (with the Palm III upgrade) to the Ericsson SH-888 I got after breaking my beloved Ericsson GH-388. It is my best defense against chaos and my best ally in Getting Things Done. Without it, keeping pace with an increasingly complex and accelerating life would be a hard problem.

By the way, taking inspiration in the the methods related to David Allen’s Getting Things Done really does improve productivity while requiring less energy and generating less stress. My favorite arsenal for implenting it includes :

  • A smartphone
  • A bunch of wikis – some collaborative, some personnal
  • Ticket tracking systems

The “work smarter not harder” mantra may be overrused but it does actually apply here… I love my Treo 650 !

The integrated keyboard is surprisingly pleasing to use for small messages and quick notes, but be sure to use the Treo with a foldable keyboard with full-size keys so that you can input large quantity of text painlessly. Unless you need to access heavy documents on the move a laptop suddendly does not make much sense anymore…